Customer Endorsements
*All comments are exactly as each customer wrote them, and approved for the name identifier used

"I was fortunate to receive one of Eve the Pie'd Piper's Smoked Ham, Swiss, and Cheddar Quiches. It was the BEST quiche I have ever tasted. I don't know how she did it, but the quiche was as creamy as it was eggy. It was so smooth, not like omelet in a pie crust, but some other perfect blend of cheese and egg. And the ham was delicious as well as the crust. I planned to eat the whole pie over the course of a week, but it was gone in days. One reason it went fast was that I kept insisting family members take a taste and they loved it too. If you are in that breakfast-anytime mood, Eve's quiche is the great choice!"
- Dan T., Columbus, OH

"EVELICIOUS! That is how I describe all the pies and baked goods I order from Eve the Pie'd Piper. All baked goods are made with fresh ingredients. AND Eve's pies are also the best pies ever! I have ordered several different varieties of pies, scones, and cookies. My family has their favorites that I order for holidays and birthdays. During this difficult time, I trust Eve to bring my treats to the back porch, wearing a mask, gloves, and social distancing. I'm getting Flax Power-Breakfast 'Cookies, and a 5" pie today. My day is better already. :)"
- Nina Rossi, Hilliard, OH

"Eve's pies are AMAZING! In fact, everything Eve makes is top notch because she is an awesome baker. Always fresh and pure ingredients, and she truly tries to accommodate with each order she delivers. Recently, I ordered the Sugar Cookies with Frosting , and, oh my gosh, they are absolutely the best I've ever had. So moist, soft, and amazing frosting! I also ordered the Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, & again, the best I've ever had. Soft, with a slightly crisp outside, & great homemade taste! My family and friends always look forward to Eve's baked goods when we gather. Though I've moved two hours away, whenever I know I'm going to be in the area, I'll place an order. Thank you, Eve!"
- Liz L., Oak Harbor, OH

"Eve has a gift for baking like no one else! Her pies are delicious. Today, I tried one of her Raspberry Linzer cookies for the first time, and it was one of the best cookies I have ever eaten! She puts time and attention into the ingredients she uses, and you can definitely taste the difference! I am still thinking about those raspberries!"
- Wendy Wissler, Columbus, OH

"OMG The pies were a huge hit, and the Blue Rhu is my new favorite pie of all time!!!"
- Stacy N., Powell, OH

"I highly recommend Eve the Pie'd Piper for everyday, and special-occasion baking! After having her pies and quiches, others don't even taste good. Her flavor combinations are amazing, and her pie crust is out of this world! She is also very accommodating with requests - like making my husband's favorite, banana cream pie, for his birthday - and her delivery is a huge time saver, especially during busy holiday times. Everything we've had from her is FRESH and DELICIOUS. Thanks, Eve!"
- Ellen Mrukowski, Powell, OH

"Love Eve's pies! We will never buy store-baked pies ever again!! Delicious and fresh, our favorite is Mumblecherry pie. I love that you can customize ingredients based on diet restrictions! Thank you, Eve!"
- Heather G., Westerville, OH

"The pies were delicious. I gave one to our pastor, and she is still raving about your pies. You do such a wonderful job!"
- K. E., Westerville, OH

"Best homemade pies and quiches!"
- P.C., Upper Arlington, OH

"We love Eve's Flax Power Breakfast Cookies and the Sour Cherry Almond Scones. The Breakfast Cookies are just enough of a snack before swimming."
- Pam H., Hilliard, OH

"Simply delicious homemade pies that I wish I could take credit for baking, but can only take credit for ordering. We have loved every one of her pies that we've tried, and my family now requests 'one of Eve's pies' for special occasions. Can't beat delivery right to your door - one less thing to worry about!".
- Danielle D., Bexley, OH