Ordering Details

Eve the Pie'd Piper's eBlast goes out every Monday (varies around holidays), and features three (or six holiday) pies or other baked goods for the week. Order deadline is end of the day, Wednesday, and delivery is Friday, unless otherwise specified. Delivery is to both work and home addresses.

Send your email, if you'd like to be on the distribution list to receive the eBlast.

Also available:
5” Evey pie sizes (4, snack size wedges) are usually either $12 or $13 depending on the variety - pie or quiche and filling type.

3 1/2" Individual (personal size) are perfect for buffets, showers, wedding receptions, etc. to ‘take and go.’ $4 - $4.25 each, depending on variety - pie or quiche
Sold in boxes of 4. Please inquire!

In a weekly order - please state your:
- pie or baked goods selection and size/quantity
- name
- delivery address with zip
- cell # (for delivery confirmation)
- email to send your online receipt

On Thursday, I plan a delivery route for all customers that week, estimate your delivery time, and contact you. Thursday is usually baking day, though sometimes it spills over into Friday morning, so your pie is absolutely the freshest it can be!

Wedding or Large Event Pie Buffet - An Eve the Pie'd Piper pie buffet is an elegant array of pies, sure to please any palate. Pies are nestled amidst tasteful table decorations to suit your tastes/theme. You choose the pie selections in: all 9" standard size, all 3 1/2" individual sizes, or a combination of both. In the complimentary consultation and tasting appointment (at your home or business), we'll talk about recommended ones that are more shelf stable, depending on the weather and your venue, and whether you have a theme in mind, such as a Buckeye one, for instance! You may wish to include several pie selections that guests will check off on an RSVP card, so that you're assured what your guests will like. During your event, I'll be on hand to slice and serve, replenish the pies, and to describe/detail any ingredients or processes used. Eve the Pie'd Piper is here to top off your day with delicious pie creations. Call for your free consultation/tasting appointment. 614/572-5021

Special Event Ordering - If you have a specific event and date in mind, and would like delivery OTHER than the normal weekly schedule, please contact with as much lead time as possible. I'll get it on the calendar! Consider Eve the Pie'd Piper for birthdays, brunches, parties, showers, weddings, retirements, and just about any event where you'd like to treat yourself and your guests!

Peak Holiday Ordering - During peak times, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, I ask that you choose from the posted six (or sometimes seven) features, due to prep and baking times for each type. I complete them within a short turnaround time, as I want every pie/baked good to be at its freshest when it's delivered to you. Thank you for understanding!